The animals and plants of Yakushima island represented in a camouflage pattern for Elnest & Keen’s collaboration called “Uneek”.

3 months ago

A collaboration between ELNEST CREATIVE ACTIVITY, a brand originating in Tokyo directed by Arata Iura, and KEEN, a prestigious footwear brand essential for outdoor activities. The latest edition of the world heritage camo series is now on sale. Like the previous project, the beauty of Yakushima has been incorporated into the camo.

Camouflage representing animals and plants that can only be seen on Yakushima island.

UNEEK Yakushima Forestra Camo ¥14300

Based on Keen’s signature model “UNEEK (unique)”, which features a body woven with elastic cords. The graphic depicts plants and animals unique to Yakushima Island, such as the celestial stone of Mt. Tachudake, Yakusugi, and Yakushika deer, in a camouflage style.

The microfiber heel back holds the heel comfortably and securely.

“I hope that this original textile will be an opportunity to experience the blessings of nature, recognize its importance, and contribute to the conservation and development of Yakushima,” says Iura. So why don’t you try out these ‘Uneek’ new shoes for yourself?