SUICOKE’s new limited edition boot style sandals are here!

4 years ago

SUICOKE is a brand that has developed a cult following with their unique take on traditional footwear. They have achieved a broad ranging popularity in the fashion world rooted in outdoor and festival culture.

Ankle Sandals

This design is a collaborative effort with select shop Pilgrim Surf+Supply and incorporates multiple new ideas from concept to production to create a genuinely unique product.

The clean and refreshing design gives a tangible feeling of quality, featuring 4 straps from the toe to the ankle with edges cut down and refined as much as possible.

Additionally the sandals have excellent cushioning and grip due to utilizing the ultra lightweight original Vibram sole with friction resistant properties that help reduce wear and tear. Featuring Velcro straps for easy fastening and removal the benefits of a lightweight sandal are coupled with the sturdiness of a boot.

The sophisticated design combined with superb functionality separates this product from other sandals on the market and is perfect for outdoor adventuring as well as urban living. Make sure to check out this unique new piece of footwear.

Pilgrim Surf+Supply