Keens unique new eco-friendly product shoes that are more like sneakers. Collaboration model with 3 popular brands!

4 years ago

This is a unique new product from “KEEN” which is characterized by a design consisting of only two cords and one sole.

As a seamless sandal sneaker, it has become very popular in both casual and outdoor scenes, and now a new eco-friendly model that uses recycled PET bottle fibers has emerged.

Keep an eye out for sustainable products!


Setting a new standard in consideration for the global environment.

UNEEK SNK ¥14850

Their new model is called the “UNEEK SNK” in which the upper is made of recycled materials. The EVA hood bed, which is three-dimensionally shaped according to the shape of the sole of the foot, and the EVA midsole, which reduces impact when walking, providing excellent comfort.

As its name suggests, it has a sneaker-like silhouette and a bolder coloring than it used to be, making it even more eye catching to wear in spring.


Collaboration model full of creativity!

At the same time as the launch of this model, they have developed a rich lineup of collaboration models with other notable brands based in Tokyo. Here we will introduce the latest line-up of “UNEEK SNK” that will heat up the street fashion scene. Each is finished in a unique design that complements your feet.

AlexanderLeeChang ¥14850

First, the bespoke model by “Alexander Lee Chang”. Incorporating a midsole splash pattern, for an early 90s outdoor taste. The combination of the upper concrete gray and black is also exudes an urban atmosphere.

Color Direction by Naohiro Fujisaki from《meanswhile》モデル ¥14850

This is a special pair that Meanswhile designer Naohiro Fujisaki handled the color direction. The design inspiration is “geosphere”. The tone is removed little by little while selecting the compatible color for each part. The changes in the stratum are expressed through the elegant coloring.

TIMAIモデル ¥14850

Lastly this is a collaboration model that incorporates “Bear Pack”, a popular series with a bear motif from the brand “TIMAI” created by shoe creator TAKASHI IMAI. Reflectors and neon-colored are emphasized by using black as the upper tone.


Unique new partner for outdoor excursions this spring!

Keen has been attracting attention not only in the outdoor scene but also in the street this spring. The outstanding design and functionality, backed by its sustainable environmentally friendly approach make for comfortable and unique daily use footwear. Each will be released on March 19, 2020 (Thursday).

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