Jojo’s new sandals made with ballistic nylon. Tough and stylish!

2 years ago

Kyoto is said to be home to “the best footwear in Japan” by Kimono lovers, and “Naito Wisteria” has a store in Gion in Kyoto. JOJO is a sandal brand created by a long-established store founded in 1875 that fuses ancient Japanese aesthetics with modern sensations.

Among the many models, “Classic” is the one with a particular focus on comfort. In addition to slender thongs, the acupoint is slightly smaller before touching the toes. Compared to the conventional models, it feels lighter by about 10%, and it also features a sleek design.

CLASSIC ¥27000

This model is bespoke to “OKURA” in Daikanyama from Jojo, which is popular among outdoor enthusiasts because it is easy to walk and does not get tiring even after long periods of use. Bespoke points are the modern coloring. Not only the front acupuncture point, but also the back of the thong is neon yellow.

CLASSIC ¥30800

This bespoke design uses ballistic nylon for the thong and insole. Not only is it light and tough, but it is also attractive because it can be washed easily and lasts a long time.

Okura and Jojo are both working to make Japanese classic design available to the worlds. Only with the collaboration of both brands with the same philosophy, can you experience high quality that you cannot taste anywhere else.

■OKURA tel:03-3461-8511