Leather upper × magnetic buckle. The finest shower sandals from The North Face Purple Label.

3 years ago

Shower sandals that have become a huge fashionable topic in recent years. “THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL” have refashioned their classic summer item with all the functional qualities we have come to expect.

leather sandals ¥16500

At first glance, it looks casual, but the upper design, which is the key point, has a luxurious atmosphere. Using weatherproof leather, it has a magnetic buckle by FILLOCK from Germany.

Simply pull on the strap to open and close with one hand, and the adjuster allows for a comfortable fit.

The structure of the sole is full of features expected from The North Face Purple Label. The footbed has a three-dimensional shape that always guides the foot to the center which creates a sense of stability. EVA molding is used to increase the feeling of lightness with an outsole that has increased grip due to the purposely uneven surface.

Both beige and black upper colors are available.

We can’t help but tip out hat to the excellent shift of design to add this level of quality and functionality that is synonymous with the brand to a pair of shower sandals. This new model is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to go with light sandals for festivals and camping and will be released in the middle of June.

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