New Japanese style training shoes from MoonStar, finished with Kurume Kasuri dyeing and a checkered pattern.  

3 years ago

MoonStar is a well-established shoe manufacturer that has been in business for 145 years. Their head office and self managed factory are located in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and they specialize in making sneakers that pay special attention to the method of vulcanized manufacturing.

The 2020 release of their limited edition shoes using “Kurume Kasuri” method of splash dyeing, which has been handed down to the generations at MoonStar, has become a hot topic. They have a lineup of two unique models that are special to the brand and shows how they value tradition.


This model has roots in the training shoes produced by Moonstar in the 1960s. Kurume Kasuri cloth, which was invented in the latter half of the Edo period and is still woven in the traditional method passed down over the generations, is used for the upper.

Using an old-style traditional loom, the fabric is woven with tension that does not force the threads to have a unique texture so it remains supple, and this makes it feel more comfortable to wear.


Additionally the “JIKATABI”, which is based on Japanese traditional footwear called Tabi Tabi that was born in Kurume is a part of the new lineup.

In both cases, the unique feeling of being a MoonStar product is felt in the cleanliness of the one-color checkered pattern that goes well with Kurume Kasuri cloth. Why don’t you check out this special footwear that blends fashion with tradition this summer?