New spring and summer Japanese footwear styles from Tokyo Sandals made from fine leather.

3 years ago

“TOKYO SANDAL”, make leather sandals that are “MADE IN TOKYO” and fit the Japanese climate by making full use of shoe and boot making technology.

Their sandals, which are made with a focus on ergonomics and pediatric treatment, provide excellent comfort by shaping the sole using only two pieces of hard cowhide.

In addition to the standard model this season, a new model focusing on design unique to Japan will be released to expand their collection of high-quality sandals.


First of all, as the name suggests, this model was inspired by Japanese socks. While it has a traditional inspiration, it has a unique Japanese modern look.

It has a separated toe design, which is unusual for a slip-on type shoe, but it has excellent maneuverability because it reduces pressure on the toes and improves grip performance.


Next up is a pair of shoes that reinterpret Waraji as a sports sandals. The straps for fixing the legs are also made of braided leather.

The braids used are knitted using the same machines as the obi cords of kimonos, and are made by craftsmen specializing in that. It’s not just when tightening up, but you can feel the wonder of Japanese manufacturing in every aspect.


Lastly, a model that updates traditional Setta sandals, that is one of Tokyo Sandals masterpieces. For the time being, a simple design with a sense of security that you can wear with confidence. The sole of the foot has an arch-like design that follows the path of the arch of the foot, to create a perfect fit.

These new products from Tokyo Sandals, are especially attractive because you can enjoy the aging effects unique to leather. The more you wear it, the easier it will be to adjust to your feet and the easier it will be to walk, so if you try to wear it around your home, you can then take them outdoors and enjoy a mature outdoor outfit.

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