The second collaboration slip-on by Converse x Tenbox in clean white.  

3 years ago

Ten Box, a brand started in Tokyo and developed by prominent artists active both in Japan and overseas. It is an up-and-coming brand that has received high praise from overseas by developing daily wear that combines excellent graphics drawn by members who are yet to achieve widespread fame, and made from carefully selected materials. 

A new item has appeared in the popular collaboration by Ten Box and CONVERSE in the shape of slip on footwear.

10匣 × CONVERSE ¥12100

This is the second series following the collaboration slip-ons that were released in autumn 2018 that sold out immediately on the release date. This work is a white color that juxtaposes the previous all black coloring.

This is the first white sneaker for Tenbox that has previously only been making black shoes.

This work was created under the theme of “travel”, which is an essential element to Tenbox. It is based on the slip-on model from Converse’s hidden masterpiece “skid grip” of the 1980s.

It is a street specification equipped with an ollie guard so that it can be used for sudden skating sessions on overseas trips.

High-performance cup insole REACT is adopted. It reduces wobbling on the left and right with a moderate subsidence that supports comfortable walking with excellent durability.

This pair of shoes combines a clean atmosphere based on white with a street taste, adding a sense of elegance to classic street style.

From Monday, April 20, 2020, pre-order sales will start at BAYCREW’S STORE and on ZOZOTOWN. Regarding sales at brick and mortar stores, it is scheduled to start selling depending on the situation after May.