Attractive with a solid one tone! Oboz’s masterpiece sandals receive new limited Japanese bespoke models.

3 years ago

Japan’s limited edition color of the masterpiece sandals “Camp Star”!

Oboz is a footwear brand that was born in 2007 in Bozeman, Montana, a holy place for outdoor men in the United States. Their trail shoes, which have been repeatedly tested in the vast natural environment of Yellowstone National Park, already have an overwhelming share of the United States market.

This world renowned outdoor shoe maker launched a new pair of functional tape sandals last year for both hiking and everyday use.

This season, a Japanese bespoke color appeared based on the high performance tape sandal “Camp Star”.

CAMPSTER  ¥10780

As the name implies, the Camp Star, with its impressive upper woven with waving tape, is perfect for camping. In addition to the outstanding fit and light-weight created by the technology “Ohfit” that was originally developed based on manipulative mechanics, the tape placed around the foot provides excellent comfort.

The heel strap that holds the heel can be fixed by sliding it to the toe side. Because it can be quickly detached, stress-free activities can be performed around the tent.

Of course, such functionality is useful in everyday life, and it has a stylish look that you can use in the city on a daily basis.


The appeal of the camp star lies in its easy-to-use details.

The toe part is firmly guarded by rubber, so you can continue to wear it safely outdoors. This is a fantastic safety gimmick, unique to manufacturers that release trekking shoes for polar regions.

It’s hard to tell because it’s the same color as the wading tape, but stretch rubber is used at the mouth. This gimmick creates smooth desorption and a good hold. The thick midsole made of high-density EVA also supports the foot with excellent cushioning.

Also pay attention to the small space on the heel strap. Since the loop is set with stitches that also serve as an accent, you can hang it from the bag via a carabina when not in use.


The one-tone color with the same color on the outsole is excellent.

Two bespoke colors are available: beige with a military feel and navy with an urban taste. The outsole has a solid one-tone color that is finished in the same color, giving it a very stylish atmosphere.

Moreover, the outsole is the “Salida” originally developed by Oboz. A set of non-marking rubber and EVA absorbs impact and has a high grip force that prevents slipping even on wet roads and rocky areas, perfect for trail running.


Of course, the basic classic color model is still a must see!

The standard model is also a color scheme that you don’t want to miss out on. Men’s models are available in four colors: black, Turkish coffee (brown), dark shadow/rasit, and olive. All soles are unified in black, and all have an urban look to match city living.


A must-see for women as well! Women’s limited edition colors are also available.

Women’s models are also available in Japanese only bespoke colors. Solid beige and navy will come in handy with a feminine accent. The standard model comes in three colors: black, heather gray, and black/blue mirage. Different colors than the men’s.

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