Orphic’s popular sandals are given an urban touch in collaboration with F/CE.

3 years ago

ORPHIC has produced a pair of shoes that can be worn in a wide range of situations without getting tired even after long hours of wear. A limited edition color has been produced with F/CE in the CG series, which is a classic sandal. The sophisticated color scheme is perfect for infusing urban taste.


An exquisite combination of functional sole and chic color scheme.

CG HQ F/CE.    ¥20900

The CG HQ, which uses an original EVA sole that is attractive with comfortable cushioning and lightness, has protection that improves the hold from the strap. It fits firmly and supports active movements without difficulty. The subdued color makes it easy to coordinate.

Navy protection enhances the fit and at the same time acts as an accent.

It’s not suitable for underwater wear due to its robust sneaker construction, but it’s perfect for daily use and camping. The removable Velcro strap is quick and convenient to use when you’re out and about. These are well worth a try for a pair with looks and comfort that is slightly different from ordinary sports sandals.

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