Discover a new sports sandal with an air-sole and an urban coloring.

3 years ago

CURLY&Co. is a popular brand for cut and sewn items based on details from practical clothing such as work, military and sports. The head store “The Weft” is introducing a brand new and excellent pair of urban strap sandals in a bespoke color made by designer Tomotaka Onozaki of the brand “TOMO&CO”.

TOMO&CO /BRITISH AIR(The Weft Exclusive Color) ¥29480

The gray color, which is a color symbolizing CURLY&Co., was adopted as a bespoke order. The combination of volumetric soles and curvaceousness perfectly implements the luxurious atmosphere of both brands.

It features a sporty upper with three Velcro straps and an air sole with high cushioning properties, which is synonymous with TOMO&CO.

Not to mention the comfort, it seems to expand the styling range from town use to the outdoors

It is still a popular platform sandal, but it can be said that it is also recommended for urban groups who want to stand out from the crowd. Check it out quickly before it’s sold out!

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