First collaboration between Neighborhood and Shaka! Two fascinating sandals that appeal with graphic uppers.

3 years ago

The sandal brand Shaka was born in South Africa in the 1990s, it disappeared but became popular in the secondhand clothing market, and was revived in 2013. A lot of collaborations have been announced, but the first tag-team model with NEIGHBORHOOD will be released on Saturday, May 30th.

Make a difference with a military color and a prominent logo.

HIKER     ¥15400

The base used was HIKER, which features the straps that make up the upper and the sneaker-like feel, and the slide-type CHILL OUT, which can be used easily. Both have a punchy look with the original graphics of Neighborhood on the webbing tape.

CHILL OUT     ¥14300

Each has a lineup of two colors with a military accent, and it is a bit different from the regular style. This is the first collaboration between brands with many fans and is expected to have a fierce competition for acquisition. On the release date, check the Neighborhood and Neighborhood online stores and authorized dealers early!


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