Mont-bell’s masterpiece the “slip-on sandals”. The 3 latest models and why they are so popular!.

3 years ago

Beach sandals are one of the most classical pieces of summer footwear, but Mont-bell’s slip-on sandals, which are easy to wear and stylish, are a masterpiece and incredibly popular with outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Let’s take a look at why the slip-on sandals, one of Montbell’s masterpieces, have been loved for a long time as well as the latest three models.

The Montbell-style beach sandal is as popular as ever.

The item was born in 1994, and the model currently on sale is the fourth-generation of this indomitable masterpiece. It features a unique thong that cannot be found anywhere else, and this unique design provides soft foot insertion and a strong hold so that the sole of the sandal sticks to the sole of the foot.

The footbed has a three-dimensional structure that conforms to the unevenness of the sole of the foot, and dimple processing is applied on the surface to eliminate stuffiness and heat to prevent slipping. In addition, it uses very high-spec materials with a well drained sole and excellent grip.

However, Mont-bell’s biggest strength is that it does not end with high functionality alone. The reason why it’s so popular is the reasonable price that you can buy easily.


[5 best points of Mont-bell’s “slip-on sandals”]

Soft comfort that is kind to the feet

Holds like they are sticking to your feet

Dimple processing to prevent the soles from getting stuffy

Excellent grip

Reasonable price even though it has high specifications


Three classic models of the Slip-on Sandals.

Let’s take a look at three classic models of the Slip-on Sandals, one by one. The big difference between the models is the hold on your feet. You can choose depending on how much mobility you want.


01. Slip-on sandals

V-shaped thongs on a standard Beach sandal form a loop. This creates a line that spans the instep and fits the footbed all the way to the heel. No flipping up of sand or slipping of heels. They are also surprisingly quiet compared to more common beach sandals. ¥ 3080

The footbed has a three-dimensional structure that matches the sole of the foot. In addition, countless dimples are applied to the surface to prevent slipping and prevent the soles from getting stuffy.

This style of footbed as also the same for the next two models we will discuss.


02. Sock-on sandals

There are many insects in the summer, so some people are opposed to exposing their bare feet. If so, we recommend the “sock-on sandals” that you can wear while wearing socks. The tubular line is made of polyester tape which is the same as all three models. It has built-in foam that does not absorb water, providing very soft comfort while wearing. ¥ 3080


03. Lock-on sandals

In addition to the sock-on sandals mentioned above, the “lock-on sandals” are equipped with a back strap. By holding firmly to the back of the heel, mobility is enhanced. Coupled with a well-drained and high gripping sole, it supports your feet while being active and moving around a lot. ¥ 3740


Speaking of summer… a timeless classic.

This is an essential summer classic hence why I have introduced three models: slip, sock, and rock. There are many color variations, so please look for your favorite color in the image gallery at the end of the article.

Mont-bell’s slip-on sandals continue to evolve while being a long-selling product that has been popular for more than a quarter century since its birth. This is a timeless must-have item that will help to enhance your summer excursions.

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