Boots that transform into sandals !? A collaboration work from Snow Peak, which is a new take on a New Balance masterpiece.

3 years ago

The latest collection of the popular collaboration series by the outdoor brand Snow Peak from Japan and the new brand “Tokyo Design New Balance” of New Balance has been released.

Under the theme of “CAMP FISHING”, this collection features shoes and clothing with an urban outdoor design in sage green inspired by rocks and moss.

Innovative transform function that can be used in any situataion.

Snow Peak×TDS Niobium Concept 1 ¥38500

Of particular note in the collection now are these boots with an outdoor taste. Based on the sole of New Balance’s best-selling model “MT801”, the upper uses eVENT, which is highly waterproof.

And with the zip provided near the upper and ankle, you can change between a bootie and sandal lining, so you can make a surprising and unique transformation from boots to sandals!

For example, they can be worn as waterproof boots in bad weather, as outdoor sandals that can be worn roughly, or even as slippers that can be worn when relaxing in a tent or at home. Depending on the idea, it can be said that the versatility that can correspond to every scene with this one pair is truly unique.

Also pay attention to urban functional wear using waterproof material.

Snow Peak×TDS eVent Wader ¥107800

Snow Peak×TDS eVent Fishing Vest ¥71500

Similarly, there are plenty of items that make you think of water activities, such as salopettes and vests that use eVENT.

The waterproof pockets of different sizes are designed not only for outdoor scenes but also for town use to protect gadgets such as smartphones and earphones. There are many products with a simple and sophisticated look, so it goes without saying that it goes well with outdoor styles and urban outfits.

Snow Peak×TDS eVent Garter ¥28600

The garter, which is familiar in mountain climbing and trail running, is also developed with the same material, and if you attach it to the hook on the toe part of the shoes introduced earlier, you can quickly turn them into rain shoes.

The garter itself is compact and can cover a variety of situations from the city to the outdoors without rain shoes, so it is also recommended for minimalists.

Both of these collaborative collections, which combine the functionality that is indispensable for the outdoor scene and the solid design that is easy to mix with street wear, are scheduled to be released only at stores from Saturday, August 29 (see below for stores list).

As it is a powerful collaboration that has been talked about since the last one, it is inevitable that it will sell out this time as well! If you want to get your hands on them, please go to the store near you as soon as possible!

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