Is this the future of shoes!? MoonStar’s functional rubber boots with an urban look.

3 years ago

This is a new project from Japan’s leading shoe brand MOONSTAR. Their 810s (Eight Tens) line, which incorporates the know-how of professional use cultivated over nearly 150 years into daily use items, has announced their new season collection that focuses more on functionality.

Improving a professional pair of boots into a stylish daily use model.

MARKE     各¥6600

“Marche” is an updated version of their versatile rubber work shoes with a look that can be used daily. A buckle that makes it easy to put on and take off is implemented, and the silhouette is a narrow type with a close fit. The outsole uses a suction sole with suction cups that emphasize its anti-slip properties. Regardless of all of this they look like work boots.

UNIVE     ¥6050

“Unive” is a sophisticated sneaker system with a universal design that has been adopted in various situations. Thanks to the large hook-and-loop fastener, you can enjoy a gentle fit that wraps around your feet. I am also happy with the uneven outsole that is good to use outdoors.

HOSP     ¥5500

Nurse shoes are the basis of “Hosp”. Since it was originally supposed to be worn for a long time, its comfort and resistance to fatigue are well known. The original gimmicks such as the cool design even if you step on the heel and the low-resilience insole that supports standing work are also adopted.

In addition, there are a wide variety of products such as “Student Warm,” which is a ground shoe for students that has a heat-generating effect, and a continuation model that has already become popular. All of them are gems that can be worn both in town and outdoors, so don’t miss the sale from the end of August!

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