The third popular collaboration between Reebok and Mountain Research is here. An ambitious work that reproduces traditional leather shoes into sneakers!

3 years ago

Good news for those who missed the last time. The third collaboration between Reebok and MOUNTAIN RESEARCH is already here.

Over the past two collaborations, MOUNTAIN RESEARCH has re-invented Reebok’s masterpieces, knowing how to appeal of fans of both brands, and demonstrated their skills. “Classic Leather” was selected as the latest work. So, what was the result of this latest collab? Let’s take a look!

Here it is.

The base inspiration is “saddle shoes”. Traditional leather shoes with eyelets on the upper with another leather on the saddle of the horse. The combination of materials and colors of the upper and toe is characteristic of this design, and it has been popular in many scenes such as uniform shoes, golf shoes, and bowling shoes.

So, as for the question “Why did you transform such leather shoes into sneakers?”, It goes back to England in the 1950s.

At that time, saddle shoes such as GEORGE COX were especially popular with youths called “Teddy Boys”. Also, punk and rock musicians all loved it. Thus, it became a leather shoe that symbolized British culture at that time.

Based on that, it’s no wonder that MOUNTAIN RESEARCH, the child of punk in modern times, has taken this direction.

Classic Leather MR ¥13200

In addition, Reebok’s depth of creativity can be seen in the fact that a novel and unique design approach is allowed because the base is a sneaker with a very plain form.

“It’s the same process that our ancestors took to add a saddle to a plain toe, using your intuition” said Mr. Kobayashi, the representative of MOUNTAIN RESEARCH. This balance of humility, which contradicts sharp creativity means I’m going to love it more and more!

It is true that the more you know the detailed background and message, the more desirable the item will be, but it is rare and rarely a fashion piece.

MOUNTAIN RESEARCH will release the shoes in advance on their web shop on September 10th (Thursday) (no sales at actual stores). Reebok will also release it at directly managed stores on Thursday, September 17th.

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