A fusion of military shoes and Japanese work shoes. Innovative sneakers that are great for outdoor activities.

3 years ago

Jika-tabi, a shoe unique to Japan, has been modified in collaboration with up-and-coming footwear brand tabito, which will start in the fall of 2020, for the REBIRTH PROJECT, led by actor and model Yusuke Iseya.

Attention is paid to Tabito’s idea of re-producing classic items with modern looks and functions based on vintage work and military shoes, and waza-ari sneakers that can be achieved only because of the Rebirth Project that supports sustainable activities.

AIRBAG tabi sneaker ¥28600

Innovative Japanese and Western sneakers that incorporate the design elements of German trainers with the motif of tabi, which is not an exaggeration to say that it is an ancient Japanese outdoor shoe. The upper also is made using an eco-friendly process of reusing the old materials from car airbags.

AIRBAG tabi sneaker ¥30800

Toe socks or normal socks are essential, but the fit and grip are quite good. By adopting the vibram sole, it is a pair of shoes that can be used even in the outdoors.

These are shoes that have an impact and that you might see will be useful daily if you use the German trainer base. Why don’t you tighten up your daily styling, which tends to be skipped on because of the recent increases in teleworking.

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