ASICS masterpiece trail shoes in a high cut! A high volume pair with an urban style.

3 years ago

Nowadays, the trend is to use trail models daily, and Asics, a shoe brand that Japan is proud of, has decided to release some new and noteworthy models. With the remake of the famous pair that appeared in 2000, the impactful volume seems to be a hot topic.

Looks modern while maintaining the original functionality.


It is equipped with ASICS’ typical cushioning technology, Alpha Gel, which was originally released about 20 years ago. It is a trail shoe that has been highly regarded since that time because of its excellent shock absorption, rugged sole that can withstand rough roads, and deep layer pattern.

This work is arranged in a high cut so that it looks good as everyday wear while retaining the functionality that is indispensable for trails. It has evolved into a pair that matches more modern fashion. The boot-like silhouette is perfect for the current season, and goes well with winter field outfits where heavy outerwear is key.

A modernized version of a masterpiece that holds functions that can correspond to serious scenes while being conscious of urban outdoors style. It is scheduled to be released in October, so if you are looking for a pair with stronger seasonal elements, please check it out!

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