Reebok x Mountain Research’s latest work. The second trail running shoe with a concrete-colored urban facade.

3 years ago

Mountain Research x Reebok’s forward march is unstoppable.

This tag team that longer needs explanation, having already released three collaboration shoes so far. All of them are masterpieces that bring out the characteristics of both brands, and an unparalleled sense of speed. While the previously released “Classic Leather MR” is still fresh in my memory, a new work will be unveiled.

DMX Trail Shadow (FW2020) ¥19800

You may feel somewhat familiar this. Yes, this bespoke model is the second arrangement model based on the “DMX Trail” inspired by trail running.

With the same method as last time, the technical specifications that are constructed in multiple layers are implemented with a single color nubuck leather that blends into everyday life. This time it is a gentle gray with an urban taste.

If you put it side by side with the previous work colored in ocher that blends into the field, it exactly fits the methodology “from everyday life to the field”. With this the GO OUT lifestyle will be completed. Not only those who missed the previous work, but also those who bought it will want to get this latest release.

Online store .. .. .. Released on October 8th (Thursday) at Research GENERAL STORE (not sold at actual store … Research GENERAL STORE). Reebok stores will start selling from October 15th (Thursday).

■ … Research GENERAL STORE tel:03-3463-6376