A low-cut option from Danner Field! Light looks make it easier to wear in the city.

3 years ago

“Danner” is synonymous with heavy-duty brands. We often cover the timely releases from this lineup where tradition and innovation coexist.

Continuing from the previous time, this time we have a close-up of a new work that is a modification of the popular model “Danner Field” with outstanding cost performance from its simple, sturdy and varied lineup!

The DNA of the historic masterpiece boots is made low-cut and casual.

Danner DANNER FIELD LOW ¥25300

Introducing the first low-cut version of “Danner Field”, a model that inherits the advantages of the masterpiece Danner Light but is easier to wear and walk in.

By adopting Gore-Tex, it is a casual model that is perfect for your first pair of Danner, covering everything from camping to street wear.

High-spec functionality that means even low-cut products cannot be underestimated.

The details of Danner Light, such as full-grain waterproof leather and Gore-Tex membrane, are retained, but the design is more casual and low-cut. It is finished as a pair of shoes that matches not only the outdoor scene but also the modern street style.

On the outside of the opening, there is a Gore-Tex name used for the membrane. Although it is a casual low-cut specification, but it’s waterproofing is not inferior to the original model.

The outsole is a Vibram clutter lift. If it is a low mountain hike, it has more than enough running performance.


Produces a light outdoor style with a low-cut model.

Comfortable to wear with ortholite insoles. The model is wearing brown x beige. Shoes: Danner Field Low ¥ 25300 / Danner Jacket ¥ 57200, Pants ¥ 33000 / Snow Peak Cap ¥ 8800 / MeansWhile

The low-cut version of Danner Field, which overturns the image of Danner’s outdoor boots, fits both functionally and looks wise, from light outdoor activities such as camping and day hikes to everyday life in the city. At this time of high temperatures, a versatile pair of shoes like these is a must.

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi Styling/Tomoyuki Sasaki
Text/Satoshi Yamamoto Model/Denis

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