The North Face PPL re-imagines the masterpiece Nuptse Bootie! The leather upper is irresistible with an added sense of luxury.

3 years ago

THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL, which has produced many hit items, has released an updated version of The North Face’s iron plate shoes. If you want a higher-grade winter bootie, don’t miss it!

Nuptse Booties with greatly enhanced cold protection and a premium feeling.

Nuptse Bootie WP Leather Kinit Mid ¥31900

Nuptse Booties have reigned at the pinnacle of winter boots since their launch in 2007. For these shoes, water-repellent cow leather is placed on the upper, and Techproof ™ waterproof membrane is also installed. Obtained a sense of luxury and waterproofness that is higher than a regular pair of boots.

The batting is light and warm Thermolite®. In order to prevent the intrusion of cold outside air, they have also adopted ribbed inner cuffs similar to that used for outers for cold regions. Coupled with the drawcord-equipped ankle hold system, you can enjoy a comfortable fit.

The sole is a full-scale outdoor specification while giving a sense of luxury with leather.

High-performance outsole Vibram® ICETREK gives you a high level of grip. Because it is an excellent piece of craftsmanship that has a stylish look and many outdoor functions, I want to wear it not only in the hard winter field but also out in the town.

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