Neighborhood and Danner collaborate for the first time! Mature boots with a grey gradation.

3 years ago

The first tag team between “NEIGHBORHOOD”, which has been leading the street scene in Tokyo since its start in 1994, and “Danner”, a must-have brand of outdoor boots that has quickly adopted functional materials and created many masterpieces, has been realized!


The base of the memorable first collaboration is “FULLBORE”, which has been gaining a lot of attention as street wear in the Danner lineup in recent years. As it is a model designed with the image of the police and the Marine Corps, it is characterized by being tough in addition to being lightweight.

The main upper is a combination of waterproof and durable suede material and Danner DRY, which is a waterproof membrane.

The outsole uses a combination sole of VIBRAM® FUGA OUTSOLE and MEGA GRIP, which provides grip in all weather conditions, and is guaranteed to be a tough and reliable companion that helps seamlessly connect the city to the outdoors!

A unique specification with the Neighborhood logo designed along with the Danner engraving on the tongue, heel patch, and toe switching part. Combined with the gray gradation and the texture of various materials, it further increases the urban aesthetic!

It will be on sale from November 3rd (Tuesday) at NEIGHBORHOOD, NEIGHBORHOOD ONLINE STORE, regular dealers nationwide, DANNER LUKUA OSAKA, DANNER ONLINE STORE, BILLY’S ENT (some stores), and BILLY’S ONLINE STORE.

Although the genres are different, there is no doubt that it will be a magnificent collaboration that will appeal to fans of both. If you want to make sure you get a pair, please check the stores near you before it goes on sale!