Three new Onitsuka Tiger sneakers with an oiled leather texture. For autumn outdoor style!

3 years ago

Onitsuka Tiger is one of Japan’s leading sneaker brands and is popular around the world. The OIL LEATHER series 3 type, which is scheduled to be released in November, is considered to be a masterpiece that is great for upgrading your outdoor outfits, using high-quality leather with a good texture.

The texture of the nubuck leather gives off an unprecedented atmopshere.

GSM     ¥15400

Heavy oil leather with a high oil content is used for vintage-style coat shoes derived from the acronyms Game, Set, and Match. Although it has a high-quality nubuck finish, it has good water repellency thanks to the oil soaked in sufficiently.


This is a modern arrangement of the trail running model that remained in the archive. The leather, which does not contain chrome, which is harmful to the environment, creates a unique and profound feeling. The contrast between suede and nubuck is also eye-catching.

RINKAN BOOT     ¥18700

A classic work boot-like design with volume around the toe, made with chrome-free leather. The calm color and smooth texture of nubuck will update your autumn / winter outdoor outfit in a mature and modern way.

Both models are equipped with OrthoLite insoles with excellent cushioning, making them light and comfortable to wear. Thanks to the oiled leather, it also has water repellency, so it doesn’t matter if it’s damp outside. The luxury and functionality of this updated model will catch the hearts of many outdoors lovers.