Colombia x Nanga x Orange. Triple collaboration winter boots!

3 years ago

Speaking of the outdoor select shop “Orange” from Wakayama, they offer a lot of different things such as many exclusive items and the popular original spice “Horinishi”. In the fall of 2020, they will expand into the Kanto region, and a collaboration that is likely to become a hot topic has arrived from the store, which is gaining momentum!

What’s more, this time it will be a triple name collaboration that uses the original waterproof and breathable material from “NANGA” and down from the classic winter boots of “Columbia”.

Only made possible because of Orange!! Triple collaboration winter boots.

Columbia × NANGA × Orange SPINREEL BOOT AD NANGA WP OH ¥15950

This has been based on the spin reel boots, which are highly regarded as the classic winter boots from “Colombia”. High-spec waterproof and breathable material from “Nanga” is adopted to improve the functionality. The easy-to-use one-tone design is also excellent. It comes available in two colors, light brown and black.

Packed with cutting edge technology.

The upper is Aurora Latex, a unique waterproof and breathable material from “Nanga” with a ripstop finish that has excellent tear strength. NANGA’s small white tag, which is a sign of the collaboration is also a key point.

The lining uses Omniheat, a heat-reflecting heat-retaining functional material originally developed by “Colombia”.

The outsole is a vibram specification, so the grip is excellent.

By adopting Nanga’s state-of-the-art outdoor technology as a winter staple with Colombia, it is a pair of all-field compatible boots that leave nothing out when it comes to high tech specifications. Don’t miss out on this special project, which was only made possible by “Orange”!!

■Orange tel:0736-26-8888