From Tokyo Sandals, two new fur models to help you stand out this winter!

3 years ago

To increase your range of styling, you should first change the silhouette of your pants. This is commonly said but not always followed up on.

It’s about time for winter outfits to become a little repetitive, so how about sandals? Without a doubt there are many people who say, “I only wear sandals in the summer,” but if you choose them carefully and wear socks, they will be a reliable companion in the winter!

Therefore, I would like to pay attention to TOKYO SANDALS. They specialize in using various textiles and adding details to sandals, and this season as well, they are releasing the finest sandals full of unique qualities!


First of all, a model with rabbit fur on an engineer slip-on with a belt adjuster. The contrast between the thin sole and the fluffy fur is irresistible! The balance is just right to show off from the hem of wide leg or flared pants.


On the other hand, they also have a lineup of slip-ons with heels that use luxurious mouton. Unlike the sandals I mentioned earlier, this one has fur inside, so it’s comfortable to wear and looks elegant. It seems to blend in smoothly with any style.

The price is not on the cheap end but Tokyo Sandals are known for their high quality and sense. They are all made in Tokyo and make full use of shoe and boot making technology. By paying close attention to ergonomics and foot podiatry care, they create high performance walking sandals.

In addition, the sole-based shaping that uses only two pieces of hard cowhide is the same manufacturing method that was also adopted with Sori Yanagi’s “butterfly stool.”

These sandals are great not only for winter outfits, but also for camping and regular chill time. It’s great to be able to feel luxurious while keeping your feet comfortable and warm.

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