In the latest collaboration work from Alexander Lee Chan x Vans, classic sneakers are transformed into a trekking boot style.

3 years ago

“Alexander Lee Chang” shines with creativity thanks to designers who were active as professional skaters in the 90’s. And VANS, around since the 1970s, has gained popularity mainly with skaters, and now it has become a must-have brand in the sneaker world.

An attention grabbing collaboration by theses two brands closely related to street culture will be realized this season! From the popular collaboration that has sent out edgy individual sneakers so far, this time a pair of classic Vans “Ella” has been changed to a trekking boots style for the first time! Of course, they look great but they also have superb functionality.


Dressed up with a “beard” based on Vans Ella, the name of this new shoe is “Higera”. The oil-soaked pull-up leather and highly durable nylon canvas create a design reminiscent of mountaineering shoes.

Also, by using eVent, a functional material with excellent waterproof and breathable properties, they can be used functionally outdoors, so they are a must-see for outdoor lovers!

The eVent tag is placed on top of the familiar “OFF THE WALL” heel tag. The latest waterproof material makes it reliable even in bad weather.

The “beard” like Forstan motif found in classic boots is removable.

In addition to the black laces shown in the photo, white are also included.

At first glance, the latest collaboration work is so bold that it makes it difficult to understand the original story. With removable beards and attached white laces that give the impression of dress shoes, you can change the style depending on your mood.

The release date is scheduled for early February. It is likely to sell out fast so don’t miss out if you are interested.

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