The fifth collaboration between Nigel Cabourn and Mihara Yasuhiro features a crazy-colored, unique running shoe.

3 years ago

This collaboration is between Nigel Cabourn, a world-famous designer known as a collector of vintage wear, and Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO, one of Japan’s leading brands. The fifth collaboration between the two, who have had a friendly relationship for more than 10 years, is now available.

Inject vintage nuances with high-impact colors!

Nigel Cabourn × Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO LOW TOP – TYPE C    ¥35200

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro’s classic low-cut sneakers are now in crazy colors. The spray paint applied to the finish is intentionally wiped off to express a vintage-like three-dimensional effect and unevenness. The heel is embroidered with the Broad Arrow, which once showed British government supplies. The use of laces is also quite unique.

Nigel Cabourn × Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO RUNNING TRAINER    ¥38500

These are running shoes with an eye-catching clay sole and a heel that looks like it is melting. The unique shape and color are what makes this collaboration special. The overall color scheme is based on the work of Japanese artist Daiji Matsuda, who was influenced by Nigel Cabourn.

These two authentic yet impactful models created by big names from Japan and the UK will start rolling out on February 26th (Friday). Please note that the purple color of the RUNNING TRAINER is limited to the Isetan Shinjuku store.