Descente Allterrain x Suicoke’s popular collaboration is back! High-spec state of the art sandals.

3 years ago

DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN boasts a high level of functionality and fashion as a prestigious sports brand from Japan. The second collaboration sandals with SUICOKE, which was very popular the first time, is on its way.

Detachable liner socks paired with a highly functional body.

KISEE-DSV     ¥41800

The specifications of this model are different from the conventional ones, and three variations are possible by combining liner socks and sandals made of highly breathable urethane material. They can be adapted according to the environment and climate. In addition, thanks to Suicoke’s original shark sole, it has excellent hold, cushioning, and grip.

For cooler sandals, you can remove the liner socks that can be used on their own. They are perfect for enjoying water activities.

Descente’s original lock fit adjuster is used for the upper so that the fit will not be impaired even if it gets wet. In combination with the antibacterial vibram sole, you can enjoy an incredibly comfortable fit.

The footbed uses an antibacterial vibram sole jointly developed by Suicoke and Vibram.

This is a must-have item for spring and summer, with a design that reduces the burden placed on the feet with a sophisticated look, by combining both with solid technology and know-how. The release is scheduled for early March. The strap type design is on trend this season so we are sure it will sell out fast!

■DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN tel:03-6416-5989