The second popular collaboration between Eldoreso and Oofos! Recovery sandals in a US street color style.

3 years ago

Tarzan AQZAWA, the owner and designer of ELDORESO, a brand that leads the running culture in Tokyo, injects its unique essence into the sandals from OOFOS®, who are a pioneer of recovery shoes. They have completed a new pair of sandals that are both comfortable are playful.

Sampling from classic items on streets of the US.

OOahh Sport – Design by ELDORESO     ¥8580

The unique graphic drawn on the strap is of a notebook for writing down lyrics and ideas, and the motif is the Composition Notebook, which is an indispensable item in American street culture. Although it is monotone, it leaves a strong impression.

Different messages in many fonts are on the left and right. The base is a typical black marble used for composition notes.

The messages “JUMP AROUND” and “B / B / B / B MY BEAT” are arranged asymmetrically, and Mr. AQZAWA says “I chose graphics with passion”. Not only the emerald green color, but also the different fonts on the left and right add a real punch and impact.

Oofos have been certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association, and ensure that their footwear has good cushioning and a gentle hold.

Eldoreso x Oofos 2nd collaboration model gives off power comparable to last year’s which sold out very quickly. These are great for wearing not only after running, but also when camping or teleworking. It will be on sale from March 12th (Friday) at OOFOS® official website, ALDIES Shibuya store, and other limited stores. Make sure to check it out as soon as possible!