Three new models of Keen’s classic “Uneek”. These 3 new pairs designed by 3 different people will help to brighten up your spring and summer.

2 years ago

KEEN is a footwear brand that delivers comfortable and functional shoes and is very popular from the streets to outdoor enthusiasts. A new version designed by three talented people has been added to the next-generation version of their classic model the UNEEK EVO.

Three people’s stories are encapsulated in these eco-friendly shoes.

UNEEK EVO     ¥14300

Mr. Sekimura of TOKYO HEMP CONNECTION * THC * adopted a color with a sunset motif. The insole has also been changed to THC’s original paisley pattern to give it an impactful look.

RFW designer Mr Takashi created a visual three-dimensional effect on the knitted sections, with the contoured silhouette of the mountains as inspiration. He has added a two-tone color to the heel and toe joints of the footbed for added originality.

BAMBOO SHOOTS’s Mr Kazuhiko expressed his roots in used sweatshirts. He sent his favorite sweatshirt to Keen’s factory and completely reproduced the color and texture of marbled gray on the shoes.

The UNEEK EVO has become a more ecological product by reducing waste and adhesives. Nowadays the criteria with which people by products is changing so items that express their creators thoughts and beliefs offer fresh insight! The comfort and fit are excellent, so I wholeheartedly recommend them for use this spring and summer.

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