The latest collaboration between Nonnative and Converse. Classic basketball shoes are recreated with a one tone, minimalist design.

2 years ago

Collaboration sneakers by nonnative® and CONVERSE®, are very popular every time they are made. The third collaboration model has been released for the first time in two years after the previous one sold out almost immediately after coming on sale.

Continuing on from the previous project, Converse’s classic “Pro Leather” has been updated to a more sophisticated design while following the suede-finished base.

nonnative® × CONVERSE® PRO-LEATHER HI ¥25300

Speaking of the Pro Leather that is used as the base, it is a flagship model of Converse basketball shoes that is also known to have been used by the legendary NBA player “Dr J” Julius Erving. The collaboration has repeatedly re-imagined this masterpiece by adding innovative details such as suede uppers and center zips.

For this third installment, the unique collaboration specification of the Pro Leather has been further refined to give it a minimalist look with a one-tone finish.

The center zip of the upper, the leather of the heel, and the “Chevron & Star” mark, which can be said to be the symbol of the Pro Leather, are all in one tone in color, giving it a mature atmosphere.

In addition to the standard lace style, you can change to the center zip type by attaching the zipper parts that come with it. It’s nice to be able to arrange it according to how you feel and your style for the day!

In addition, small adjustments have been made to the details, and by using a rough suede with long hair on the upper, a simple coloring but a deeper look. In addition, the attached zipper parts are not made of the previous metal, but by using Bislon fasteners, the thickness is reduced and a softer impression is achieved.

The third collaboration sneakers by Nonnative and Converse have been transformed into a more sophisticated mature design. It is on sale from 3/20 at Nonnative stores including COVER CHORD and Vendor. Stock is expected to sell out fast yet again so if you are interested you best check it out as soon as possible!