A vibram sole combined with classic cloth sneakers.

2 years ago

Craftsmanship brand “MASTER & Co.” are particular about manufacturing domestically in Japan. They are known for proposing a type of new classic where they take “standard” models and season them with modern technology and essence, and this time their staple canvas sneakers have changed completely.

They have collaborated with “Repro Park”, who repair sneakers, and created a pair of sneakers that has a strong presence with a voluminous vibram sole. Moreover, the fact that different sole patterns are adopted for all four color variations is unique.

This collaboration model features paraffin-processed canvas classic sneakers with a custom Vibram sole custom, which is a specialty of Repro Park. For the military-like khaki color, the lifestyle sole “Bristol” with high cushioning and soft comfort is adopted. ¥ 31900

They are available in 4 colors including khaki. They have a unique lineup with four vibram soles with different silhouettes and rug patterns exclusive to each color. White has a rounded plump, gray has a kambos that is also used for trail shoes, and black has a chopper with a small square rug.

Don’t miss Master & Co’s classic sneakers with a rich new look thanks to the variety of vibram soles!! They will be on sale from May.

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