Relaxing sandals with an urban look. B & Y has created a sophisticated new version of Inov-8’s staple footwear.

2 years ago

I can’t go back to normal shoes anymore. Once you know the comfort of recovery shoes, many people may feel that way. However, they are made to be worn before and after sports and outdoor activities. As such most of the recovery footwear available have a strong image.

However, BEAUTY & YOUTH’s bespoke Inov-8 relaxing sandals are not limited to that image alone!

RECOLITE 190 UA ¥13200

The base is the “RECOLITE 190” developed for before and after activities such as trail running. The comfortable and wide design gives space in front of your tired feet, and responds to the spread of your toes when driving.

For this project, the color of the upper is changed to light gray, and the outsole and quick shoelace are changed to refreshing white, giving it an urban look that can match well with a pair of slacks while in the city.

In addition, the toes and sides are reinforced to protect the foot from rough road surfaces and a flex groove is placed on the front of the outsole to help natural driving.

You can now enjoy the finest sense of open footwear in the city and in a fashionable way. This bespoke product will go on sale on May 28th (Friday). The Beauty & Youth online store has already started taking reservations.