The latest collaboration between Crocs and BEAMS! Two military and outdoor versions are now available.

2 years ago

Crocs are a pioneer of relaxing easy to wear sandals. They are a staple item that you often just use because it’s so easy to use, but the collaboration models created with BEAMS are so popular that they sell out immediately every time.

The latest from this popular collaboration, the 4th new model in 2 distinct types has appeared. What’s more, this is the first global collaboration in their history, so you definitely can’t miss it.

Tough Crocs with military and outdoor details.

In the past three collaborations, the pre-orders were sold out immediately, and the resale price soared overseas, especially in the United States, so there were a lot of people hoping for a global expansion.

“Crocs x BEAMS MA-1 Jacket Clog” with a mole system and practical pockets found in military wear. The rescue orange outsole that can be seen from the side is also an attractive point. ¥ 8580

This time, they have increased the release to be worldwide and based on Crocs’ tough model the “All Terrein Clog”, they have a lineup of 2 types that are inspired by military and outdoor clothing and have a sense of style unique to BEAMS.

“Crocs x BEAMS Mountain Parka Clog” features pockets that are reminiscent of outdoor and fishing vests. The zippered pocket can actually be used to store small items. ¥ 8580

Each model has a different pocket design, but both are packed with practical gimmicks, making them both a pair of footwear that goes well with all styles and occasions, from street wear to outdoors.

For the first global expansion, Daichi Yamamoto, who is a rapper and artist, was chosen as a model.

Both models will be on sale for a limited time at “BEAMS Harajuku” from June 18th (Friday) prior to their worldwide release. Beams’ EC pre-sale has already sold out in Japan, and it seems that a battle to get your hands on it is inevitable because this is the last chance to get it!



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