The latest “setta” traditional sandals from Needles and Suicoke. This season sees the debut of a new color with a plant motif!

2 years ago

The latest popular collaboration between NEEDLES, who are popular worldwide, and renowned sandal brand SUICOKE, has appeared this season and is quickly becoming a hot topic. With a unique design and interesting gimmicks this is definitely worth checking out this season.

Needles signature textile for this season is seen in the thong and storage bag.

THONG SANDAL     ¥22000

Setta-based traditional thong sandals have been decorated with the original fabric that Needles has developed for this season. A light and dry nylon tasser with a botanical motif print gives it a sporty and classic Japanese look.

When the left and right foot are overlapped, the unevenness of the outsole matches so you can easily carry it by putting them in the attached bag of the same cloth as the thong.

They are available in 3 colors. In addition to the brown “FLOWER & LEAF”, the green “ARABESQUE ST.” and the black “FLORET” are also available.

The outsole is a WURSTEL SOLE developed by Vibram, and when the left and right soles are overlapped, it fits perfectly so it is easy to store and carry. This is a famous collaborative work that can be conveniently used from day to day and also travel, it is being sold at Nepenthes online store, Nepenthes stores, South 2 West 8 so check it out as soon as possible!

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