Check out MoonStar’s limited edition sneakers made by a rare Vulcanization method.

2 years ago

From the well-established shoe brand MOONSTAR, which boasts a history of nearly 150 years, a limited edition model that is only available at the flagship store MOONSTAR Factory in Ginza will appear. The release date is Thursday, July 1st. This is a great opportunity to experience the quality of products made domestically in Japan.

Simple, comfortable and durable masterpiece.

HIBASKET FGC     ¥11000

HIBA SKET FGC has realized a sole that is supple and fits your feet by using a Vulcanized manufacturing method, and there is only a limited number of factories that can be produce items this way in Japan. Since the upper and sole are firmly crimped, it does not easily lose its shape and retains toughness that is suitable for any outdoor scene.

It comes in two-color varieties of the same durable canvas material in one tone. Both of them are of a quality that is not easy to match and can be used habitually for a long time, so if you are on the look out for a new pair of sneakers this summer we highly recommend you check these out!

■MOONSTAR Factory Ginza     tel:03-6263-2353