Ships new footwear is bespoke to a long-established shoe maker in Kurume. Sophisticated deck shoes in a single tone.

2 years ago

You need a good eye to effectively mix Japanese and Western styles. Whether it’s a combination of campsite and gear, or a combination of food and tableware, it’s a careful balance to achieve harmony. Of course, the blend must be thought about carefully to so that it does not appear to be just a random clash of styles.

The SHIPS bespoke product introduced this time is a deck shoe that is a perfect example of such a mix of Japanese and Western styles. The partner for the collaboration is a long-established shoe manufacturer located in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which does not usually make bespoke orders for both domestic and overseas brands.

Asahi Shoes has been a rock of Japanese shoe culture for over 120 years since it was founded in Kurume in 1892. In Kurume, which has prospered as a tabi producing area since the Meiji era, it is one of the three major shoe manufacturers alongside Bridgestone and MoonStar.

This group of famous Japanese craftsmen is actually well known as one of the leading manufacturers in Japan of American-born Vulcanized manufacturing. Needless to say, this bespoke product is also a pair of footwear that incorporates this technology.

The reference point for the design is American deck shoes from the 1970s. The shaped silhouette reproduces the image of the time period well and fits tightly to the foot to realize a comfortable fit.

The sophisticated appearance with the unified shoelaces and eyelets in one color tone is unique to this bespoke edition. Above all, at first glance, the beige color gives the impression of leather and is eye catching. It seems that you can also wear it on rough roads without worrying about them becoming overly dirty.

ASAHI: US NAVY deck shoes ¥11000

These American born shoes have been giving a unique flavor by this popular Japanese select shop, along with Japanese craftsmen skillfully manufacturing them using American-born production methods. If you are looking for the perfect combination of East meets West then this is the place to check out!

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