Paraboot × Nonnative. A bespoke pants order for the first time in 13 years that combines the mountains and sea.

2 years ago

I really enjoy the outdoors from the mountains to the sea. However, if you want to get everything from mountain gear to marine gear, you will have to spend a lot of money to have the best gear for both.

Oh, how I wish I had an item that could be used seamlessly from the mountains to the sea …

But wait, I’ve found something!

The collaboration between Paraboot the world’s only shoe maker that consistently internally manufactures from the upper to the sole and nonnative, is both a deck shoe and a trekking shoe.

nonnative × Paraboot  MALO COW LEATHER  ¥52580

The bespoke base is a model called the “MALO”, which is an updated version of classic deck shoes delivered to the French Navy submarine unit. By using a thick raid sole, it has greater volume than standard deck shoes.

Generally, deck shoes use a lot of black or brown leather, but for this bespoke item, they are made with bright sand-colored suede. The midsole is slightly thicker than usual, and by combining it with a raid sole for light climbing, they look like trekking shoes.

The words “Paraboot for nonnative” and both brand logos are embossed on the insole as a proof of the collaboration.

They are scheduled to be released on Saturday, July 17th at COVERCHORD, vendor Nakameguro, and vendor Nagoya.

A unique piece of footwear that looks like deck shoes but also have high versatility thanks to selecting the materials carefully and adjusting the volume. Regardless of the location, these are a pair of shoes that you can rely on for all your outdoor needs this summer season.