From MoonStar’s up-and-coming line “810s”, a pair of functional loafers.

2 years ago

The product line 810s (Eight Tens) incorporates the know-how that MOONSTAR has cultivated in making professional shoes across many genres into daily use models. From the end of August, new works for autumn / winter 2021 will be released one after another, and all of them are likely to be very popular regardless of the scene due to their exquisite volume and functionality.

Everyday use designed models trusted by professionals.

PROO     ¥6600

These are kitchen shoes used in kitchens and food factories that appeared in 2007, Kitchen Star 03, are now available as street wear. Although it is a loafer type with a strong sense of cleanliness, it is equipped with a multi-stopper sole that sticks even to floors wet with oil or water. The instep, which is often easily gets dirty, is made of tough and highly oil-resistant artificial leather.

HOSP     ¥5500

A hosp based on nurse shoes that combines the comfort of being able to be worn for a long time with features such as a stretch material heel that can be stepped on and a memory foam insole that can withstand standing up for a long time. A new color, gray, which is attractive for its industrial inorganic properties, joins the ranks.

MARKE     ¥6600

Based on versatile rubber boots for work, a blue gray with a simple and elegant aura has been added to the Marche. The buckle eliminates the difficulty of putting on and taking off waterproof boots, while improving the silhouette so that the fit is not impaired.

UNIVE    ¥6050

This range of footwear is universally designed to be easy for as many people as possible to use, regardless of age, ability, or situation. The large hook-and-loop fastener gently wraps around your foot, and the uneven outsole makes it easy to walk on any road surface. Gray has debut as part of the color line up from this season.

These are sneakers that can only be produced by a long-established brand that retains the excellent functions unique to professional use and incorporates extra gimmicks that are great for both the outdoors or for out in the town. The color and silhouette which feels a little mode is perfect for outdoor outfits. The reasonable price is also a high point!

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