Canvas slippers and Japanese socks made from recycled cloth. Slip on footwear with an unique use of material.

2 years ago

Easy to wear slippers and one-mile shoes are useful in the hot summer, but even more so now that you everyone is spending more time at home during the pandemic. Introducing two pairs of unique slip on footwear that will help liven up your summer. Both feature a unique and charming use of fabric to improve your footwork this season.

TEMBEA × moc T (テンベア × モクティ)

First is a canvas slipper created in collaboration with “Tembea,” who develops “bags that limit what you can put in,” and “MocT,” the original brand from Shinnaigai Textile Co., Ltd., who are expert in their use of hard to use textiles.

This collaboration model combines No. 6 canvas, which is thick enough on its own, and is a staple fabric used by Tembea, and the No. 10 canvas, which was originally developed by MocT. The firm texture unique to canvas is easy to put on and take off and is comfortable to wear even in summer. ¥ 10450

As for color variations, there is a lineup of chic black colors in addition to the off white.



Next is a slip-on made by combining the tabi (Japanese sock) from the long-established “Kineya Tabi” with the creativity of “Mitsugu Sasaki” who produces items using recycled indigo dyed cloth.

Based on the Jika-tabi of “Kineya Tabi”, this is a unique pair of slip on footwear that has been remade using patchwork Japanese recycled cotton cloth that has been indigo dyed. The rubber sole adds grip and is highly mobile making it perfect while camping this summer. ¥ 92800

Since it is based on the authentic Jika-tabi from “Kineya Tabi” that craftsmen also love, the grip and mobility offered are the real deal.