Engineered Garments x Hoka One One’s long-awaited new project is a pair of innovative leather upper performance shoes.

2 years ago

ENGINEERED GARMENTS, which re-imagines American classic style in its own unique image, and HOKA ONE ONE, a footwear brand that has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, particularly for their platform shoes with thick soles.

This is the first collaboration between these brands in 2 years and is a project that really transcends genres. The result is a novel and stylish shoe that is infused with the unique style of Engineered Garments.

HOKA × EG BONDI L ¥27500

This collaboration model combines the functionality of “Bondai”, which has the highest cushioning properties among Hoka One One’s road shoes lineup, with the authentic and street-like design of “Engineered Garments”.

There is a wide variety including leopard and crocodile prints, Harako and suede, all designed with leather uppers. Although these types of combinations were seen in the previous collaboration, the main point for this time is that they are performance shoes.

According to Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki, “I wanted to incorporate the essence of shoes and boots developed previously at engineered garments into sneakers.”

The base the “Bondai L” has a full EVA midsole with maximum cushion and a metal locker that starts near the heel for smooth and easy movement. The flat-waisted geometry and wide footbed provide stability, and the smooth-cut toe and heel are typical of high-spec models designed to guide a wheel-like rolling motion.

By using Hoka One One’s high-spec shoes as a canvas, this collaboration work has achieved a wonderful fusion of both performance and fashion by incorporating high-quality materials with Engineered Garments street chic.

The result is a pair of urban outdoor style shoes that shine from the city to the outdoors.

From Friday, August 20, 2021, it will be on sale at Nepenthes stores, stores handling Nepenthes products, and the HOKA ONE ONE official website. This is likely to sell out fast so make sure you don’t miss out!