White Mountaineering styled Danner shoes with zip parts and an extra-thick sole.

2 years ago

Danner is a pioneer of outdoor boots. White Mountaineering, who are one of the alpha males of the Japan outdoors scene, have updated a Danner classic that has many core fans thanks to the high-quality and Japanese domestic manufacturing.

Unique aesthetic and attention to detail.

Wilamette Valley     ¥63800

The base model is the Willamette Valley, which is the name of the town in Oregon, that Danner was founded in. As part of this update a cover part with a zipper, which is a common detail of combat boots, has been added to the tongue part, making it possible to put on and take off like a slip-on. You can also remove it and change it back to a lace-up type.

The lace cover is removable. It is a 2-way specification that can be worn with or without to match your preference.

In addition, an ultra-thick sole with a toe of 4 cm and a heel of 5.5 cm is used to create a large volume silhouette. Suede with short hair is used for the upper, and the White Mountaineering logo embroidery shines on the side panel of ripstop nylon.

Wilamette Valley     ¥63800

This is a historic pair of boots with both names featured on the insole, just like the collaboration boots of the past, and a premium finish. The delivery is scheduled for September. Be prepared for the fierce competition to get your hands on a pair, as it is an easy-to-use model that can will serve you well this autumn and winter.

■White Mountaineering tel:03-6416-5381 http://www.whitemountaineering.com