Hobo × Mammut. Mature GORE-TEX shoes in earthy tones.

2 years ago

“Hobo”, which produces bags and accessories that can be used from the city to the outdoor scene, has achieved a collaboration with the prestigious Swiss brand “MAMMUT”.

Sapuen Low GTX Men ¥20,350

Based on the “Sapuen Low GTX” which is the latest technology from MAMMUT, this is a pair shoes that has been designed so that they can be used not only outdoors but also in the city.

While following the functions of MAMMUT’s classic low-cut shoes, by adding a texture like earth color and leather, it is a mature design that you want to incorporate in everyday life. It is also a product with high specifications such as waterproof and breathable performance, as well as exceptional comfort and reduction of fatigue thanks to the latest technology.

By subtly changing the color tone for each part, the design makes the unique cutting stand out. In addition, for this limited edition other small changes such as adopting orange, which is the brand color of MAMMUT, for the replacement shoelace and insole are incorporated.

While having full-scale outdoor functions, this limited design is re-imagined as a fashion piece with high quality and attention to detail, and it is sure to be widely used in activities such as camping and even city use.

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