A bespoke version of a Reebok’s classic from BEAMS’s.

2 years ago

Reebok, are a global brand that focuses on fitness and running, and BEAMS, are a select shop representing Japan, together they will release a limited collaborative shoes. Prior to the over-the-counter sales on Saturday, September 25, reservations started at 12:00 on Wednesday, September 1.

A unique silhouette shines thanks to this collaboration.

Club C Laceless Mule     ¥14300

The base is Reebok’s classic model Club C. At the suggestion of BEAMS, they updated it to a slide type without heels, making it a minimalist laceless shoe with a unique form. The details such as the Reebok font Beams logo and the replaceable side plates are also very appealing.

Although it is based on a ladies’ model, it looks simple and clean and goes well with men’s style too.

This is a rare unisex co-production with a light and easy-to-wear sandal-like design in a clean all-white. The BEAMS official online shop is already accepting reservations. If you want to get it we recommend to reserve ahead of time.