Thick upper and tough sole. The ultimate autumn / winter sandals released by Foot The Coacher.

2 years ago

Sandals can also be worn in winter as well. Gradually, that new common sense is taking root. In particular, it is essential to focus on the upper material to make this possible. Coupled with the boom in platforms, sandals with impact that are compatible with autumn / winter outfits are being released by many brands.


The latest project from FOOT THE COACHER by shoe designer Toshinosuke Takegahara has such a pair of sandals in the works.

Thick sponge material and eco-fur lining are used for the entire upper made of supple Italian leather. This will help to gradually keep your feet warm and protected. The sole features “GLOXI CUT” from Vibram®, which is lightweight and highly flexible.

The “WAVE STITCH” on the upper pattern with the motif of the M-65 quilting liner is of particular note. Since it is based on military items that are supposed to be used in polar regions, it also boasts improved heat retention.

They are currently on sale at Shinjuku Isetan Men’s 6th floor and other dealers nationwide.

We are already getting used to having outdoor-styled sandals that can be used outdoors, so why not take on a pair of urban and stylish sandals this winter?

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