Much rumored collaboration between Crocs’ and “this is never that ®”! Classic sandals with an “urban forest pattern”.

2 years ago

Crocs, who is famous for their relaxing footwear that can be worn casually outside or on the balcony, has released collaboration sandals with the streetwear brand “this is never that®” from Seoul in South Korea.

The design incorporates a full scale printed pattern and the charm of sandals that you can customize to your liking. These sandals are full of the playfulness unique to street-wear.

RealTree Classic Clog ¥6900

The base model is the classic Croc’s “classic clogs” but with new street elements, with bold prints inspired by urban forests. While maintaining the familiar comfort, it creates an impactful look that is perfect for the urban streets as well as the outdoors.

Jibbitz 5 pack ¥1925

They also have a lineup of attachable charms that features various artwork such as the This is Never That brand logo. By adding these stylish fonts, you can customize them to express more of a street style by choosing the number to use and wear to attach them.

The collaboration item with This Is Never That, which has a unique design among Crocs items so far, is on sale at the official Crocs online store. This is a must see for anyone who enjoys comfortable footwear that can be used for daily city life and the outdoors.

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