Patrick × Curly collaborate. Jet-black functional sneakers with an interesting mix of materials.

2 years ago

A collaboration has been realized from “CURLY & Co.”, based in Kagawa which creates basic yet expressive daily wear, and “PATRICK”, which produces sophisticated adult sneakers under the theme of “makeup for your feet”.


It is based on Patrick’s popular model the “CALIFORNIE”, water-repellent nylon, which is also used for functional clothing, is adopted for the upper. Retro running shoes inspired by the 1980s have been chicly and functionally updated.

A special logo made only for this collaboration is placed on the tongue and insole. By adopting bag sewing techniques, they have achieved soft comfort with excellent fit.

Different materials are used for each part, the upper is a combination of nylon and nubuck leather, and the rubber sole with excellent wear resistance. Although it is all black, it has a multi dimensional appearance thanks to using various materials.

In addition to being suitable in light rain, the all-black color scheme fits any outfit. This is a pair of sneakers that can be used for a long time and are easy to style with a variety of styles.