Paraboot’s classic boots are updated to and all black suede limited model in collaboration with Needles.

2 years ago

The archive model of the prestigious shoe brand PARABOOT, which was founded in France in 1908, has been upgraded by unique Japanese brand NEEDLES. If you like boots, you will definitely be fascinated by the stylish looks in all black.

Changing the wooden mold to make it look smarter.

N ARIEGE     ¥99000

The base model is the Perigo, a long zip-up boot that was supplied to the French Air Force. Although it has a thin shaft, it is easy to put on and take off thanks to the side zip, and it is also equipped with a double buckle. The Norwegian Welted manufacturing method, which Paraboots is well known for, makes it very robust.

Paraboot’s unique cushioning sole and inside zip that enables smooth putting on and taking off are nice features that are easy to use everyday.

For this bespoke version, all parts such as the upper and lining are in black. The wooden mold was also changed to the S last used for paddock boots for horse riding, and it has a more solid and mature look. The warm suede texture is also nice and seasonal.

Black is used for running, zips, and buckles.

The boots are both stylish to look at while being incredibly functional thanks to the original rubber sole equipment that is tough but easy to put on and take off, and has excellent cushioning. It goes well with the coordination of outdoor outfits, so it’s perfect if you want to create a high-quality style for the outdoors this winter.