Keen’s popular collaboration with “Rajabrooke”! The birth of winter sneakers with an Asian twist.

2 years ago

The HOOD collection has just started as a Japanese project from the popular brand “KEEN”. As you can see in the previous articles, a collaboration model with the popular Osaka brand “rajabrooke” has appeared based on the waterproof winter sneakers that the brand is well known for.


Rajabrooke is designed by Yusuke Ushida, who spent his childhood in Southeast Asia. The brand name means “Malaysia’s national butterfly”, and it is a brand that is rapidly increasing in popularity that develops unique items inspired by “Southeast Asia”.

In this collaboration, the brand’s concept is embodied by implementing a batik pattern in a monotone color.

The arrow head attached to the bungee cord is changed to purple. The unique coloring gives it an Asian aesthetic.

As it is based on the HOOD collection, chukka type casual shoes also have excellent waterproofness and heat retention. A rubber sole that has grip even in low temperature environments is used.

This 3 way collaboration model, which is a joint product of Japan and the United States with an Asian influence, will be released on December 24th (Friday). An excellent combination of fashion meets function.