Check out the awesome new Converse by Nonnative and Wacko Maria!

2 years ago

Nonnative and WACKO MARIA are two major brands leading the Japanese fashion scene, and they have achieved a triple collaboration with the long-established sneaker world CONVERSE. The classic model has been brushed up, creating a pair of sneakers that look great out in the field.

The finest all-stars with a focus on silhouettes and materials.

nonnative × WACKO MARIA × CONVERSE ALL STAR®︎ 100 HI / NW ¥19800

It is based on the ALL STAR 100, which was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the All Star in 2017. They have created a new upper pattern by sticking to the silhouette when wearing it, and also adding removable zipper parts. The beautiful front form is realized by redesigning the position of the lace inlets.

Check out not only the removable zipper parts, but also the different lining patterns in different colors.

The canvas fabric and dyeing method have been carefully selected to give an exquisite color and texture. The lining has a Leopard and Python pattern unique to Wacko Maria. The nonnative and Wacko Maria logos printed on the backs of the left and right tongues add to the limited edition appeal.

It has also inherited the metallic print star shape and the coating processing patch that does not fade easily, which are the features of the ALL STAR 100.

This limited collaboration pair of All-Stars is easy to use even when camping due to the easy-to-put on and take off zip-up specifications. Sales will start on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at COVER CHORD, WACKO MARIA ONLINE STORE, vendor Nakameguro, and PARADAISE TOKYO, etc. It is likely to sell out fast so we recommend you to check it out as early as possible.